Tall for a drow – 5’9 – his weapons of choice for close combat are a modified wakizashi and a katara. He is capable with long-range weapons and also with various battle magics. He uses magic primarily to aid his physical combat, but will attack with it when pressed. His magic is less powerful above ground than below ground, much like other drow. Unlike other drow, he does not have a close relationship with Lolth.


He was born and raised in the wilds of the Underdark by his mother, who was banished from a drow city because the matriarch decided Lolth did not favor her. His mother trained him well in the magical battle arts – which would have been enough cause for the daughters of Lolth to have her killed – as well as the physical battle arts. Ma’lagurra is, like many other drow, naturally gifted with weapons (in this case, a light double-edged sword resembling a wakazashi and a katara, a punching blade).

He escaped when his mother was killed by a group of assassins – he knew he could not save her, so he ran, also knowing full well that they would chase him also. He staged his own death in the Underdark, leaving evidence to suggest he had run into the lair of an Aboleth; despite having heard terrible stories of the sun and surface-dwelling elves, Malagurra exits the Underdark from a crack in the side of a mountain.

He has made himself a small home many miles away from where he exited the Underdark. It is accessible only from a group of tall trees. He comes out mostly at night because the daylight is harsh to his eyes; when he comes in daylight, he has to wear thin cloth over his eyes. He has made no friends in the forest, and has had to learn what to eat by observing others (usually humans – rangers).

For the most part, he has managed to evade others’ awareness of him, but he knows his time is limited. Due to the stigma of drow on the surface, he is afraid to approach anyone for fear of being attacked. He remains as private as he can, and over time (years), he has become very knowledgeable about the nature of the forest.

He has made no real contact with others. Only one truly knows about his existence, a mysterious elf ranger who has watched him for some time. This elf ranger has concluded Malagurra is different from the stereotypical drow, and having seen Malagurra’s battle practices (swords) and his knowledge of the forest, realizes that Malagurra could be a useful ally.

This forest ranger has long considered making contact – he just needs a good reason.


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