Azreal Thundertooth

An ex-infantryman, now wanted by his own country for crimes he didn't commit. Enjoys the occasional drink and saucy wench


Let’s see…

Name: Azreal Thundertooth aka Az

Age: 32

Height: 7’0”

weight: 370 lbs

class: fighter

weapon: two-handed battle axe and normal crossbow for ranged attacks

armor: chainmail

strength: 16

constitution: 14

dexterity: 12

intelligence: 11

wisdom: 10

charisma: 13


Az comes from a short line of Dragonborn infantrymen. His father was one and his grandfather was killed in action. He really only joined because he was pushed by his family & friends, and because he was decent with a sword. He enlisted and joined in a couple campaigns but nothing really too far from Dragonborn city. However, Az slowly started to notice the vast level of corruption within his ranks and those who sat on high. Money swindling, extortion, raising taxes to fuel useless campaigns, killing innocent people; it was enough to make him question who what he was fighting for.

On one particular mission to the north later called, “The Grapha Incident”, Az’s unit was to subdue the fleeing enemies from an opposing force. Az and his captain broke away and pursued ahead faster than the of the rest of the troops. Once they were captured, Az was horrified to discover that instead of taking them as POWs, his blood thirsty captain Risho, had slain them all right in front of him. Enraged by this, and fed up with the way the armies were operating, Az slew Risho right then and there. When the rest of his unit caught up, it appeared that Az had slain Risho after slaying the fleeing enemy troops as well. He was captured and dishonorably discharged and sentenced to death. With little choice he managed to escape and is now wanted by his home country.

However, always in high spirits, Az saw this as a good excuse to travel the world and do all the things he never got to experience being a stuffy military man. He threw down his sword in favor of a battle axe, his favorite weapon and now travels from city to city across the plains and mountains in search of the next big thrill; whether it’s slaying a massive beast or drinking barrels of wine, Az is always ready for a fight or fun.

(also he can’t swim)

Azreal Thundertooth

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