Character Classes

Character classes define what type of character you play as. Classes are the veritable “jobs” of Dwarrodell; each utilizes a certain style of skills (known as “power sources”)for a certain style of play (known as “roles”).

Certain races have ability bonuses that may best align with certain classes, but these are often minimal and any race can certainly play as any class you wish.


Roles are the style of play certain classes are best played as.

  • Controllers are classes that use area-of-affect attacks. They are usually more offensive than defensive, and often place status effects on enemies to help turn the tide of battle.
  • Defenders are classes that have high defenses and are great tanks. They do two things – eat tons of damage for breakfast, and dish it back out in spades.
  • Leaders, contrary to what you may think, are NOT the “leaders” of the party. This term simply defines a class that uses healing skills and positive status effect skills to protect their companions and inspire the party.
  • Strikers may not have the highest defenses, but their speed allows them to slip behind an enemy, deal massive damage, and slip away unscathed.

Power Sources

Power sources are the types of attack your class prefers to use.

  • Martial classes employ melee style weapons and are for the toughest, grittiest bastards out on the battlefield.
  • Divine classes call upon spiritual forces to strengthen and focus their skills.
  • Arcane classes channel arcane forces through extensive study and seek to control the world around them with expressive and powerful methods.


There are eight basic classes to choose from. Each come with ability bonuses and other class-specific details.

  • Cleric – A divinely inspired warrior.
    • Role: Leader
    • Power Source: Divine
    • Key Abilities: Wisdom, Strength, Charisma
    • Armor Proficiency: Cloth, Leather, Hide, Chainmail
    • Weapon Proficiency: Simple melee, Simple Ranged
    • Defense Bonus: +2 Will
    • Starting HP: (12 + Constitution)
    • HP gain per level: 5
    • Healing Surges per day: (7 + Constitution modifier)
    • Trained Skills: Religion (INT), choice of three others:
      • Arcana (INT)
      • Diplomacy (CHA)
      • Heal (WIS)
      • History (INT)
      • Insight (WIS)
    • Builds
      • Battle Cleric
      • Devoted Cleric
  • Fighter – A master of martial combat.
  • Paladin – A champion, dedicated to a specific deity.
  • Ranger – A ranged or two-weapon combat specialist.
  • Rogue – A combatant who uses stealth and slyness to thwart enemies.
  • Warlock – A wielder of arcane power gleaned from otherworldly entities.
  • Warlord – A commander who leads from the front (that’s what she said).
  • Wizard – The world’s most powerful purveyor of magic.

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