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Apellicon Teos the Biblion of Dwarrodell, located within the sacred White City. The Biblion of Dwarrodell has protected the history of our world since the beginning of the Second Era. The Biblion have survived countless sackings throughout our history, and will continue to preserve the chronicles that have defined our civilization through the eras.

Please note, traveler, that although we are at a time of peace, bear in mind that this was not always so, and this data has not been easy to obtain. The Bo-Than, the proprietors of this Biblion, have worked tirelessly to fill these sacred halls.

Many Bo-Thans died to bring us this information.

Please handle these ancient tomes with care, and realize that new information from the darkest corners of the world is always revealing itself…

- Apellicon Teos, Abbot of the Bo-Thans

Character Creation The White City of Clialos of Dwarrodell The First Age
Character Races The Tiefling Sands of the Humans
Character Classes Races of the Dragonborn
Character Skills The Biblion of the Dwarves
Character Feats The Bo-Thans of the Eladrin
- The Church of Aeradeva of the Elves
- Sthira Bala of the Vile (Tiefling)
- Alussa of the White City
- Pren -

Dwarf “Bill’s Character”
Human “Justin’s Character”
Tiefling “Butch’s Character”
Eladrin Laderon
Dragonborn Azreal Thundertooth
Elf Nylian

Main Page

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