The Church of Aeradeva

The Church of Aeradeva is an order built on the belief in the One True Deity, Aeradeva. Although the origins of this belief and its figurehead have been lost and often argued, the foundations of it have long been intact. It is a faith that believes in equality and peace and fosters a goodwill between all nations. It is the only faith that spans all races, having temples in all the major countries and cities. This is all justified, seeing as how the faith comes from the time of the Origis Cumula, or “Original Form”

Divine Intervention

Due to the vague history of the Church, belief in Aeradeva was tested and his tenets often ignored. This culminated in the First Age with the War of the Gods. All of the nations were at war with one another until Aeradeva broke apart the world with a mighty blow of his silver axe, separating Dwarrodell into an eastern and western continent. He then created the races as they are today to further separate them because he did not believe them to be worthy of the Origis Cumula, the form he created them in. He reappeared in the Third Age leading followers on a pilgrimage across the continent that ended in the north at Aeradeva’s Resting Place. He has not been amongst us since he walked into the aforementioned sea.

Followers Today

The Church offers a daily spirituality to most of Dwarrodell’s inhabitants today. Its teachings offer a ‘life after death’ for those worthy enough to rest at his side. He is believed to be a loving deity, yet he has fury, thus his teachings are for the most part, upheld and unchallenged.

There are fanatics, though, such as the group of violent marauders known as The Vigilance. This group kills in Aeradeva’s name, without remorse or fear of jurisdiction. It is widely understood though, save by those that count themselves among The Vilgilance’s numbers, that their actions are far outside of Aeradeva’s favor.

The ruling council of Aetlina governs under the pretense that they follow the Church, and claim that they hold His teachings at the center of their council’s rule from the White City in Clialos. The council has often reached out to the Monastery for guidance and counsel in many of its rulings.

The Monastery

The Church of Aeradeva houses a monastery in Aetlina’s capital city of Clialos: Abbey D’Chontou. It is here that both Presenters and Monks are trained from childhood until they are ready and able to spread Aeradeva’s teachings and mission across Dwarrodell. The Presenters are the leaders of separate churches and temples of the faith located in most cities in Dwarrodell. The Monks, on the other hand, are a more recent addition to the Church. They are trained in non-brutal warfare and combat using only their bare hands and their sole purpose is to route out The Vigilance and its members who falsely kill in the name of the One True Deity. Monks never kill the members, but bring them before the Council of Aetlina for their fates to be decided by Aeradeva’s chosen.

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