The First Age

King Dinterion

The First Age, the beginning of known and recorded history, came to be when the first scribes of the old countries put ink to paper. The scribes were of one race, of the old race of old Dwarrodell: The Origis Cumula, a name given to the first race that all races known to us today have descended from. The Origis Cumula, as ancient and mysterious as it is, has given us a written history that is as definite and as sure as stone. And the First Age of this world, of Dwarrodell, began with the tale of King Dinterion.

King Dinterion

King Dinterion Aetlina, the first known King, ruled over all of Dwarrodell. Dwarrodell was, in this age, one solid continent, not divided as it is today; neither by river nor by war. There was no east and west, there was no north or south, no Elven islands in the water nor the sky. There was one land, one race, and its one King.

There was Dwarrodell.

The scribes begin their telling of the First Age as Dwarrodell found itself in the midst of turmoil, in the Time of Trouble, one that found King Dinterion’s court divided. His ruling court consisted of five generals of history, five heroes who trained in warfare and magics and hunting not for necessity, yet for interest and a pursuit of higher being.

The Champions

They were the 5 Champions of Legend:

  • The stout warrior, Cydin
  • The horseman, Rianoa
  • The huntress, Ennarani
  • The tamer of beasts, Ettoldor
  • The mage, Baovan

These Champions of Legend lived in a time of no war, of no enemies, because Dwarrodell was a single nation of peace and prosperity.

Great warriors, however, will tell you all that it is peace that breeds war, friends that breed enemies, and inactivity that will lead to action for action’s sake, for good or bad. King Dinterion was nearing the end of his life, no more than a decade away, and the 5 Champions wanted the throne, and each Champion refused to ced power to any of the others. Hatred grew from once strong ties and shattered the semblence of peace. Ettoldor withdrew from the court and took his beasts and followers to the far northwest into the highlands and mountains, while the mage Baovan took his templar warriors and magic associates far southwest to the sands and mountains of the Fell Coast. Cydin and his entourage, the most valorous and efficient warriors Dwarrodell had ever seen, went far north into the very earth below the Crowback Mountains. Yet the great champions, Rianoa and Ennarani, lovers by all of the scribes’ accounts, stayed with their King on the eastern coast of Dwarrodell.

The Rift

This is how it was for a time, the Champions living far from one another, until unrest found its way into the bond between Rianoa and Ennarani, an unrest so profound that it formed the biggest rift between any two factions the world had ever seen. Rumors believe this rift came over the teachings of The Church of Aeradeva, the One True Deity. Ennarani took her hunters and graceful warriors south, to the wooded and undiscoverd land and left Rianoa and his horseman behind in the court of Dinterion.

This rift would eventually lead Dwarrodell to its first war.

IE12 – The War of the Gods

The first march on Dwarrodellean soil came when Rianoa led his horsemen south into the woods where his lover had fled. Backed by his riders and the King’s own formidable contingency, the battle that followed was little more than a massacre, and Ennarani’s hunters were all but slaughtered. Her warrior’s graceful moves and oaken bows could do little agains the deafening charge of Rianoa’s Riders. Ennarani survived with barely a hundred of her own. She yielded to her love for the sake of her own life, and the lives of her hunters.

She did, however,refuse his hand, and refuse to return to the court and be at the side of Rianoa. Enraged, the horseman moved to finish her off, yet was counseled to a standstill by the old, wise King Dinterion. He withdrew and left the hunters to their woods.

In a desperate act, fueled by anger and hopelessness, Ennarani sent word to Ettoldor and Baovan for aide, hoping that their old ties of friendship were not completely severed. Her hunters searched the Crowbacks in vain for Cydin and his warriors, yet they found no sign of the warriors that could shatter the world with their heavy, solid march.

So Ennarani waited for the two fearsome Champions who retreated westward over a decade before.

IE14- The Siege of Dinterion Castle

The second battle of the War of the Gods came without warning when riders atop furious winged beasts attacked Dinterion Castle catching its defenders off of their guard. Ettoldor led the assualt atop a great, red dragon, and paved the way for the ground forces of Baovan and his mysterious magics. The castle was taken easily, due to the element of surpise and due to the fact that Rianoa’s men had left in search of Cydin, who had still remained to be seen since he left the court.

When the castle was secured, Ettoldor and Baovan settled in and awaited Rianoa’s return. One that would be marred with his demise.

While they occupied the castle, they still showed great respect to the still living King who was caught in a war he could not, for all of his power, even begin to stop. He was near the end of his life, and his Champions, as divided as they were, all knew and feared the day he passed.

IE15- The Return of Rianoa

When Rianoa returned to his homeland, he did not march alone. At the head of his charge stood Cydin and all of his warriors, come to retake what was lost. The talons and claws, spells and powers, beasts and whips, they all could do little against the might of iron, newly found and forged by Cydin’s people deep in the Crowbacks. The western force was quickly defeated and sent westward in retreat. Rianoa, furios with Ennarani’s cowardly cry for help and the destruction it caused, turned his horsemen south, to the woods.

Yet this charge went much differently than the one years before, and Ennarani, with her hundred hunters, fended off a charge of a thousand horsemen with arrows thrown from the treetops where they fought from, untouchable to Rianoa.

Ennarani had won the day, and Rianoa returned to Dinterion Castle. Ennarani had not the force to launch a counter attack, and Ettoldor and Baovan returned west, uninterested in taking the broken castle from the likes of Cydin. And so ended the second battle of the War of the Gods.

IE20- The Truce of Five Hundred Years

Over the next handful of years there were many skirmishes over small amounts of land and other trivial matters, and each Champion was sacrificing societal developement for the sake of fighting the others. In the calamity it seemed that the old and wisened King knew his end to be at hand. In his last act as King of Dwarrodell, Dinterion called his Champions together under a banner of peace: no warriors, no weapons, just the 5 Champions of Legend and their King.

The King made what would be the last journey of his life to the very center of Dwarrodell, where all of the Champions met. It was here that King Dinterion issued his creed, his new law: for Dinterion was still King, and his champions had to obey. He presented them with The Truce of Five Hundred Years.

On this parchment held the King’s order that there shall be no war for five hundred years. That the Champions were to act as the leaders they were, and lead their people into ages of prosperity, and technology, and intelligence, and beauty, and art, and philosophy, and religion.

He demanded his five champions sign the document under no penalty of death, under no retribution whatsoever. The King himself, being at the end of his life and his court so divided, had no punishment he could actually give out. Yet his champions, one by one, signed the truce to abide by its doctrine of 500 years of peace and solitude between these nations.

One by one the 5 Champions of Legend said their farewells to their King, and returned to where they first left to years before: Ettoldor went west into the mountains, Baovan southwest into the dessert, Cydin went north into the mountains and underground, Ennarani went southeast into the woods, and Rianoa rode back to Dinterion’s court and the plains before it. It was here in the center of the world where King Dinterion Aetlina died.

And with his death came the death of Dwarrodell as a whole, and five nations formed.

The Next Five Hundred Years

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